Public speaking & posts

Usabilla global exchange 2019 Talks & Workshops 

I love communicating design ideas and thinking with designers and especially non-designers. I am a huge advocate for exposing designs in the organization and with the rest of the world.

Slides and recording can be shared upon request

  • Design for Social Impact: the good, the bad and the ugly, Ways of Peering, A lab Amsterdam, 2024
  • Managing Product = Managing Tension, panel conversation about the tensions and challenges involved in developing and managing products, 2020 
  • How to improve your customer journey with user feedback?, Usabilla global exchange, 2019
  • Future Thinking, UX ROI London, 2019
  • What is product design? DesignKids Amsterdam, 2018
  • Future Thinking workshop, UX Live London, 2018
  • Future thinking, UX camp Brighton, 2018
  • Visual Thinking workshop, Amsterdam MediaLab, 2017, 2018

Blog posts 

I find blogs and other designer’s experience the best way to learn, therefore when I reach a milestone that I feel like could be useful for someone else I try to write about it.