My graduation project, Bezalel 2016, UX/UI design and After Effects demo. Programing by Neta Lev.

Abstract is a is a digital reading platform with the aim of making academic essays more accessible to the online reader. It does so by reimagining the reading experience in a way that is both functionally convenient and aesthetically pleasant. Abstract thrives to bridge the academic/public divide; it gives academics access to a wider audience, facilitating a culture of knowledge sharing away from the traditional and bureaucratic communication barriers.
Abstract creates a wholesome reading experience, interlinking and encapsulating essays, references, footnotes and term definitions in a smart design. The project is inspired by the work of Aaron Swartz, specifically, his Guerilla Open Access Manifesto

Readers can select Academic Departments that interest them and accordantly create their own feed of essay in Abstract.

Readers can get keywords and departments related to their search term. They can then cluster the desired terms to get a customized web of essays.

Some example of different academic essays on Abstract

Readers can discover the references used in the essay

Readers can mark and save quotes to their Collection
Further reading related to a term or a person mentioned in the essay is available when the term is clicked.

Readers can also overview the essay.